Save the Children of Syria – This Place Away From, Yet Connected To The World

Every day we see more and more horror in the news. How do I cope with images of murdered children and all the other horrors of the news cast? I need answers.

This Tree

I went to the tree last night. It is so strong and beautiful. I have decided to love this tree. I put my arms around it and climbed it. I sat in the crook of the branch. It is now my thinking tree. We have a bond that shields all pain. That I ever thought of it as a hanging tree shames me. My tree must never see my rope. He is too beautiful for anything selfish like that. He has seen every storm and never ever gave up. He rustles and whispers a song that makes my macabre thoughts seem so disconnected.

It’s an immortal bond we build. What a beautiful maple tree. I love him. I will give him a name. He reaches his arms to the heavens always. If I meditate deep enough I feel holistically his reach beyond my narrow dimensions. He knows so much more than me and has seen so many more sunrises in such a better way. He sees my sister’s face in the morning dew. I can’t see that well but I feel it deeply. She is still very small. I think in heaven you get to be a child again if you missed that.

This Tree

I feel something cataclysmic is in the ether. Many things are reaching around corners that were never there before and they are colliding. I watch in horror as I see the babies killed in Syria. They showed piles of children around 9-12 and yes, babies too. Tiny babies. Piled up and dead.  I ran to join the tree and tried to breath.

Some grieving man had been picking up stiff corpses and holding them one by one in front of the camera. I screamed. I boiled. That’s when I ran out to this tree. He obviously was a two-dimensional fucking psycho who cared not about the life and only cared about making his point about whom he described as his enemy. This is a very dark evil that my tree and I feel in the darkness.

My muscles are still aching from being tightened into a sprung trap ready to strike at an imminent threat. None came; just the dark vibe of evil that has begun to slither just below the surface of the ground. The whole human race is in a killing mood: killing its children. The population got so big that no one feels important any more?

Will this be the eruption in the Middle East oft predicted as the seed of all religious war? Will we call it WWIII?  Will it end on December 12, 2012? No. None of this is true. There have always been people behaving this way. Now there are more.

Days ago I had made a post on Soldier of Fortune BBS asking for people to join me and go to Damascus and sever the head of the evil monster that is killing children. It refuses taming and it won’t stop killing. The child-killing monster must now itself be killed in the children’s defence and the whole arguument must be brought back to just words. No more baby killing.

The people who killed my sister would have gone on killing others. These people from Damascus are now blooded in the worst way. They won’t stop. They get away with it and believe it is their right to bring the worst harm to their intellectual opposition. Imagine how prolific must be the sick, evil, warped minds capable of the lifeless child bodies, killed over a disagreement of words and shown nonchalantly on YouTube and on CNN to make a point in an argument gone sicko.

This southern outpost of the former Ottoman empire is a fulcrum of religious forces that is like the point of fission in a self-feeding, fissionable, radioactive mass. The chain reaction to a collision at the nucleus (Damascus), will be an unstoppable global killer.

So cut the head off the evil before it is too late. Remove al-Assad and every descendent capable of seizing power. They can live on a deserted island prison, exiled forever. Make sure the monster does not grow a new head.

This is the same power and greed-drenched psychosis that killed my sister. These stiff little bodies I saw on TV set me on fire. Who will tell these little babies’ story?

My tree and I share a strength. I breathe carbon dioxide on his leaves and he makes oxygen to help me breathe. Somehow this wholesome kind of working together  must have the power to prevail over baby-killers. Couldn’t the argument have stayed at just words?

At 3 am I heard a whisper from a motionless shadow on the other side of the tree.

This Tree

I heard a whisper from a motionless shadow on the other side of the tree.

I don’t know how long he had been there listening to my sobs. He shared that he tried to ask Joshua what Yoni would do. Perfect. Everyone needs to work together. He got an answer in the ether from Ady Tzidon instead of my friend Joshua. Ady says he knows what Yoni would have done were he alive. He was very good at this. The whisperer is right. These are good connections reached by the outstretched limbs of this tree. I shot down from the branch. The shadow was gone. I love him. Since he died he lives in whispers.

I smelled sweet lilac fragrance and as I closed my eyes to remember his touch, I saw pink hair and felt a gentle cool kiss on my cheek. It gave me a warm chill.

Somehow with the right thing to connect us we are guided by all those we have loved. Shouldn’t we love everyone? Those good people who went before me; and those innocent darlings who should have taken our places like the dead little children in the pictures and on the TV screen, I love them.

Hours later, back at my desk, it was Ady who answered my post at Soldier of Fortune BBS. He said ‘I thought you would phone’. It was a long and heartfelt message on my voice mail. Being honest, I was too numb for words. I am humbled.  I am comforted yet overwhelmed by the powerful connection to those poor little children’s souls through the tree’s branches reaching the heavens.

There is much more to this tree than meets the eye. Someone must be told that the diplomats and leaders have failed to sway the baby killers. There is no fuss to be made now. Swiftly, quietly sever the head of the monster and don’t look for any credit, the message said. “That’s what Yoni would do. Yes.”

I thank this tree for its good connections. Is there a new Yoni out there.

Sonya from the RINJ Campaign


The Syrian Children in 2015

The Syrian Children in 2015

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Footnote: “Yoni” Netanyahu led the IDF’s daring rescue of Jewish hostages held at Entebbe, Uganda in 1976. It is the only truly successful rescue of hostages from terrorists in all our modern history. Everyone came back, except Yoni who is now a legendary hero in many parts of the world. His brother, Ben, today is the Prime Minister of Israel.

Israeli Special Forces commander Yonatan Netanyahu is among a number of heroes who maybe could pull off something like a rescue of these women and kids in Syria. Maybe there’s a US Navy Seal who did the Bin Laden mission who might know how to end the killing in Syria.

It is very much in Israel’s interest to solve the problem in Syria but overt action could contribute to instability in the Middle East. A covert solution, clean and effective would be ideal.

Benjamin Netanyahu’s background is very notable and he like his brother led a very proactive life. He is the first Israeli prime minister born in Israel after the founding of the state. Netanyahu joined the Israeli Defense Forces during the 1967 Six-Day War, and became a team leader in the Sayeret Matkal special forces unit. He took part in many missions, including Operation Gift and Operation Isotope, during which he was shot in the shoulder. He fought on the front lines in the Yom Kippur War in 1973, taking part in special forces raids along the Suez Canal, and then leading a commando assault deep into Syrian territory.

Given the history of this amazing family and the fact that a Netanyahu is again Prime Minister of Israel makes it a worthy thought introduced in this article to call upon a legendary man’s bravery and his way of thinking to solve this horrifying slaughter in Syria.
There needs to be a solution.


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