Exposing Asian Child Sex Slavery

Exposing and Ending Child Sex Slavery is a Worthy Goal

by Sonya Yoshiki, a volunteer activist against rape, especially in Asian nations.


Volunteering for RINJ gave me an opportunity to bring awareness to the Sex Slave Trafficking in the world with Cambodia as its central hub. Doing that leads to people taking action. RINJ philosophies are well met with my personal goals.

When I see large social networking sites like Facebook making big money from sex slavery and child prostitution, it makes me sick.

Child sex trafficking is a big problem everywhere, including America.

Trafficking of sex slaves in the Subcontinent continues to worsen. It is now a problem all over the world in some of the largest population centers like India.  Only in some countries do they prosecute this as rape but that’s what it is.

Most of the world with some exceptions accepts 16 as a minimum age of consent. RINJ advocates that 16 should be the universal age all around the world and that the countries using the age of 13-14 as the age of consent are seriously in error for a number of reasons. Notwithstanding this fact, Cambodia for one had an age of consent of 16 and child prostitution is its mainstay tourist industry.

Sexing 9-year-olds in Cambodia seems normal and OK when there is big money to be made. That’s why so many Americans come there to get girls. Big biz! Big money. Over a $Billion of sex pay and tourism. Cambodia does not want to stop sex trade of children because it is a big tourism industry. Many ‘customers’ are fat, sweaty and smelly smoking awful stinky cigars costing more than what my mother got paid for me. When I was just past 9 my mother and her sort-of-BF sold me into prostitution along with my sister. At first I refused and punished for breaching my duty-bound responsibilities as a daughter. I was  sent away to a much tougher place.

A child’s relationship with a pimp is only abusive.

Sex with a child can only be rape. They do not consent to this horrible life. They can’t! They are too young. No part of this relationship with a pimp/slave owner is good no matter if the victim is cooperative or not. (I will explain later.) If you can get away, do it and don’t go back.

Starving to death is better than the way you die with them because you die while still breathing until your heart stops in a sad lonely death of disease or murder. That’s how I see it. I believe all people who *enslave* another with brutality will punish you and kill you in the end if you display a struggle against control. I went through that and my life was worse than the others for rebelling. But what they did to me was less than what the dates did to the other kids so rebelling was the right thing to do.

Anyone who owns you is not going to give you freedom for as long as you are worth some money.

I saw the demon in the eye. The demon is using the psychological torture and real physical pain to control you and will never stop. It’s an empty look and it has no soul behind the eyes. When you break that control once and escape, you are doomed to die by that person if you ever go back and give them the chance. That’s what I think.  If it really is that same demon we are talking about, they only grow worse. I will always try and convince girls not to go back to that.

The industry in Cambodia in 1992 mostly were former Khmer rouge soldiers turned gangsters during and after the wars when Hanoi took over. There still was a Khmer Rouge and American influence but the United Nations had taken over as far as the world thought. That made it a good place for sex trade when the shooting stopped some people told me. Everything was corrupt. Everyone wanted girls.

There are many Thais and Vietnam people from Hanoi there too. Imagine the most powerful criminals that cause spines to grow cold and then you know who these people are. There was always turmoil that I did not understand. In 1993 a King came back which caused a lot of discussion but nothing changed because the United Nations and the government were in charge. Some people told me that is the safest it had ever been in Cambodia / Kampuchia. I thought Kings were supposed to be nice but it didn’t seem that way. None of this I understood and people intensely tried to explain but I didn’t get it. It’s very confusing.

In Takeo almost 50% of sex workers were below 17 years of age.

No organization has been able to count the kids because they are invisible. We were in strange, secluded  places from where we were delivered to a place, or “dates” came to back rooms that were nice and apart from places we had to sleep in. We did not go with the adult whores or even the older kids.  We sometimes were at places where rich people ate rare and exotic animals that are illegal to kill. Cambodia is well-known for being home to many exotic animals. They, like children are very susceptible to becoming victims of illegal smuggling and trading. These criminals show off their prized illegal consumables, like strange little turtles with soft shells that are supposed to be protected and snake.

After the arrival of the United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia mission (UNTAC), prostitution grew dramatically again, not only in Phnom Penh but in all major provincial towns. By the end of 1992, sex workers in Phnom Penh’s overt brothels alone was estimated to number more than 20,000. With UNTAC’s departure in 1993, the number of sex workers decreased; in 1994, sex workers in Phnom Penh were estimated to be between 4,000 to 10,000 girls working in about 400 public establishments but while the number of overt sex workers declined after UNTAC’s departure, the age of sex workers also declined. A February 1994 CWDA survey found nearly 35 per cent of flagrant sex workers in Phnom Penh were under 18 years of age.

A January 1993 study by Human Rights Vigilance of Cambodia found 35 percent of sex workers in Phnom Penh’s brothels to be below 18 years old. Their March-April 1995 study in Phnom Penh and 11 provinces showed that minors (9-17 years old) comprised about 31 percent of the sex workers in these areas. In some provinces, the percentage of minors to the total number of sex workers was more than one-third such as in Takeo where almost 50% of sex workers were below 17 years old.

The actual number of children engaged in prostitution is much higher than what the CWDA and Vigilance surveys show. Their studies, for instance, were conducted in establishments where prostitution out in the open and done by people who have enough political clout to stave off fines and other official annoyances. They were not able to get information in a number of places where I was a prisoner because they  could not enter for security reasons, like remoteness, barbed wire and armed thugs. Investigators suspected many places of harbouring child sex workers or where children are kept before being brought to brothels, but they could not get anywhere near them without an army and tanks. They had pencils.

I never saw any polls taken at the swimming pool at the Olympic Stadium and the park fronting Wat Botum, in Phnom Penh where pimps were the offical managers of those places and arranged for dates to meet kids there because they controlled it. Kids were picked up for sex by pedophiles. Also not in survey reports are kids who are in touch with or are maintained by pimps working in public service establishments which serve as the pimps’ front as well as the contact points for clients (e.g., barbers and traditional masseurs). The existence of these places or systems is reflected in reports prepared by various NGOs such as Krousar Thmey, Licadho, Little Friends, Save the Children Fund-UK, and World Vision International.

Broken eggs. Millions of broken eggs.

One thing I learned is that children are like eggs to these scum that run the sex slavery industry. They bring them to the market to sell them and many get broken in the process. All of their lives get consumed in the end to make money for whomever owns them. Broken eggs. Millions of broken eggs.

Many say Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen is a puppet of some criminals. (Now he is the criminal, some say.) He finally took over Cambodia by killing all the anti-communists as I was leaving in 1997. Gun fights were the distraction under which I left. I think I saw some of these powerful people before that.

I heard that for 20 years the criminals formed a corrupt shadow government and were killing all the good leadership people in Cambodia with Hanoi help. These ex-warlords are at the top places so nobody stops them running the sex and other criminal trade for many years.

Many say Hun Sen is a puppet of some criminals.

Hun Sen has opposed any extensive trials of former Khmer Rouge mass murderers but in July 2010 Kang Kek Iew was the first Khmer Rouge member found guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity in his role as the former commandant of the S21 extermination camp. These are among the worst of people on earth and their legacy is the death of millions. They are still very powerful by a different name.

Even if a kid does more dates the best u can get is more clothes and food. If you do less there is no food. The more rebellious kids always were disappointed in those very few kids who got away with a date or somehow and then came back anyway.

No kid worker can have a baby. U MUST NOT get pregnant if you are one of those girls. U mostly would die. Anyway, it is not good to have the baby at those ages. I have seen that too.

Imagine the most powerful criminals that cause spines to grow cold and then you know who these people are.

Cambodia is a transit hub for sold kids all over South East Asiaand southern China and even those who escaped from North Korea. I figure if you are between 8 and 13 you are worth money. One in 40 children in Cambodia itself will be sold. People come to Cambodia to bring kids they have for sale and people come there to buy kids and take them home. The estimates for the time when I left in 1997 were between 80 and 100,000 sex workers and about 2,000 were permanent young children (slave) sex workers where I was in Phnom Penh. I am telling you I saw more than that who were transients. Many boat loads. And these are the corrupt government’s estimates dating back to 1995/96. They are all lies to make things look better than they are. A million children have been trafficked through SouthEast Asia.

More than 1 in 150 people in Cambodia are sex slaves or prostitutes (Perrin, et al., 2001, p.
13). It can be expected that at least 1 in 40 of children in Cambodia will be sold into sex slavery.
A Direct Observation Field Study Part III of a Series -Thomas M. Steinfatt, Professor of Communication, University of Miami, Fulbright Scholar, Royal University of Phnom Penh – Sponsored by USAID 6 October 2003

That environment taught me to think the way I do. I would never go back to that horror.

Very often this is how it starts for the daughters: the mother becomes alone and needs money or the mother is somehow involved with a wicked male who exploits her and her children.  They figure that a daughter nearing 20 does not fetch any money. 

My Mother’s “friend” had decided to take us to  Cambodia to work for his “import/export biznesses“. My sister and I would be helpers instead of going to school. He could talk her into blow but not take care of  two daughters. “biz” was a bad thing too. They took us away when I did not want “dates”. My sister and I did not like dates with “a hundred men a week” (that’s how to plan the money earnings in 1993). It was very bad for a long time of years. I rose above that in a violent escape in 1997. My 11th attempt at escape worked. I have scars I am now getting fixed.

In Japan where I was born the woman is dishonoured by being raped. Rapers and rape victims are both punished.  U can’t tell your story.  Now in Japan the government is mad at America because American’s keep raping Japanese women.    It’s a sport.  Japan wants the lessening of American military occupation on Okinawa, which comprises less than 1 percent of Japan’s total area, yet hosts three-quarters of all US bases, and just under half its 47,000 troops in the country.

That’s how it is. Same in China. Women who are raped are punished. They don’t make much distinction between a whore and a rape survivor. They treat both badly. They don’t make any distinction between a whore who was sold into slavery at 4 years old or someone at 30 who wanted to make extra money. It is dishonourable to be raped. It is dishonourable to be a whore even if you are a forced slave having sex for money that goes to your owner only. I was lucky I met nice people who helped me escape Pnom Penh in 1997. Very lucky.

As I said earlier, when I see large social networking sites like Facebook making money from sex slavery and child prostitution, it makes me sick.


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