Hey Facebook! Rape Is No Joke. The RINJ Foundation

by Sonya Yoshiki, a volunteer activist against rape, especially in Asian nations.


The RINJ Foundation

Rape is no joke, Facebook.

There are hundreds of “communities” and groups on Facebook that promote rape. Many also promote sex-for-sale linking Facebook posts and pictures to off-site backpage.com ads to transact business from.

Google Plus does not permit pro-rape groups. MySpace doesn’t permit them either.  Facebook does permit pro-rape content because those groups and “communities” draw a lot of traffic. 

  1. Summer, 2012 – Facebook continues to allow the Pro Date-Rape pages & pictures even after months of large groups of people reporting them.
  2. The real humour pages have good Facebook Community Administrators who vet out the pedophiles’, rapists’ and perverts’ posts.
  3. RINJ is not opposed to any group or community page in particular no matter what its title.  The problem is pro-rape content pages
  4. RINJ   opposes the behaviour of people who exploit any opportunity to propagate child-molestation, hatred, and sexual violence.
  5. There will come a day when humans respect each other to the point that sexual assault of  women and children is not funny. That day needs to come sooner, not later. – RINJ Campaign
  6. Join RINJ fighting pro-rape content on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/rape.is.no.joke

    If you would like to help eliminate pro-rape and child-molestation content on Facebook…

    Please cut and paste everything below between “>>  <<”  into as many places on Facebook as you can, or anywhere.

    >>  If you see content on Facebook that seems unsavoury because it contains pro-rape; rape drugs; or child-molestation content, please paste the link to an email subject line and send it to badads@rinj.org. Also report it to Facebook. Thank you. http://facebook.com/rape.is.no.joke  <<

The RINJ Foundation

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