The RINJ Foundation Seeks Stiffer Penalties For Rapists

Sonya, a volunteer with RINJ

by Sonya Yoshiki, a volunteer activist against rape, especially in Asian nations.

RINJ Seeks Stronger PenaltiesFor Convicted Rapists

Unfortunately some Judges like Judge Mario F. Mattei let accused rapists go free if they are cops.

Many judges in North America have decided on their own to radically exceed the ‘guidelines’ for rape penalties when their adjudication of the case motivates them to believe extra time is needed to protect the public or to punish the guilty. More should feel confidant in doing that. It must be considered that,

  1. most judges do not hand down stiff sentences for rape,
  2. convictions for rape compared to the estimated number of rapes are too few, and
  3. the effect of the penalty for rape should be deterrence as well as the usual goals of  rehabilitation; criminal punishment; and society protection.

Penalties For Rape Should Hurt

RINJ Campaign Recently Suggested Increased Penalties For Rapists

• Increase penalties for rape and attempted rape across the board;

• Make all rapists and most attempted rapists subject to long indeterminate sentences;

• Use terms ranging from 10 years to life to 30 years to life;

• Use life without parole for forcible rapes of victims under age 13;

• Use a range of 7, 10, or 15  to 25 years for rapes of adult victims, while using a 30 to life term when a sexually violent repeat  predator specification is proved;

• Create a new type of review by the sentencing court, available only after the minimum term is served, which would run parallel to the Parole Board’s reviews in the case;

• Recognize current repeat violent offender penalties which can increase the definite term to 20 years;

• Increase penalties for first offence attempted rape to 5 years and an additional 3 years for each subsequent offence.

May 7, 2012 NY – A Manhattan state Supreme Court Justice Richard Carruthers has handed down three consecutive 25-year sentences to Ex-Cop Michael Pena (28) for a hideous, sudden sexual assault on a women headed to work.

90 Years for Rape – July 16, 2011 TAKOMA PARK, Md. (AP) – A man (Nathaniel Hart) who pleaded guilty to raping a female student in the bathroom of Montgomery College’s Takoma Park campus will spend 90 years in prison.

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