RINJ Campaign is Angry at Facebook

I am Sonya from the RINJ Campaign  (Rape Is No Joke) Campaign. (http://RINJ.org )

I am angry at Facebook.

Many friends have left.

In my volunteer group are rape victims, horrified to learn of this “war’ of awful words. Facebook poked them in the eye with a stick saying it’s all just a joke like in a pub. No. Rape is no joke. More recently Facebook says that page titles will be led with “[Satire]” and then you will know that you are supposed to laugh.
Listen to survivors, Facebook! Rape stole their lives. Rape is no joke!

I stumbled onto a pro-rape group a couple of years ago. I was told by an IT person that Facebook made big cash over the publicity from pro-rape content; content that incited riots; content that explained how to make a bomb and stuff like that.

For some reason, since my first discovery, Facebook has become a festering septic tank of filth. It seems to be connected to off-site reposiories of pornography and links to transactional information on places like Backpage.com.

I know sex attracts internet hits–apparently rough sex gets more–and I presume from the proliferation of misogynous pro-rape communities on Facebook that forced sex (rape) is a big attraction. Dozens of pro-rape groups on Facebook have went  viral in their growth with every outbreak of publicity. (All publicity is good if they spell your name right?) We got them knocked off on November in 2011, but they are back with “[Satire]” or “[Humor]” in front of the title.

Facebook is making big money from free content of users including perverts, rapists and paedophiles I deduce from the comments like these below that I found on FB pro-rape content pages about RINJ members. Rapists don’t like us.

– “I’m pro rape. As in, really good at it”
– “If your tie her up and gag her, she can’t run or say no”
– “I love raping bitches… don’t complain sluts or your next”
– “I want to kick you so hard in the cunt my foot disappears”
– “you fucking useless twat. I’ll fuck you with my hammer till you bleed and die.”

we do our best to convince advertisers not to advertise on these pages.

Facebook is not a legitimate news media and censorship is not at issue. We the user provide content. No ethical, legal, moral or fact-checking standards exist in many Facebook posts. At some point society must step in. Here we are! RINJ .

Freedom of speech is not at issue. It’s a 13+ family social network site whereat there needs to be strict rules that insist on filtering things like rape encouragement, riot incitement, murder promotion, etcetera.

Facebook must remove pro-rape, rape joke, rape drug, and child molestation content. Advertisers must be advertising on such pages.


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