Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is Dead

Your caliph was assassinated by a women.

The irony is that Baghdadi had no function at all and was no more than the equivalent of a Bollywood movie technical-advisor giving the Ba’athists who run IS in the “Cabinet” some key tips to help make it all look like they know something about Islam.

ISIS and Islam are strangers to each other and Baghdadi who was a credible scholar  provided the malignant psychopaths who run the Islamic State some concepts to use in their media acting.

Many people have witnessed ISIS militiamen smoking, drinking and snorting dope while preparing to punish citizens in Mosul for smoking, a breach of their variance of Sharia law.

Allah is truly great but the Islamic State is not. IS has no real concept of Islam whatsoever.

My killing this near-dead man, Baghdadi was an act of mercy as much as anything else. It also says that no member of ISIS is safe from MUR.

He deserved this death.

Baghdadi’s epic narcissism is what brought him out of his scholarly life into tyranny.

May he rot in hell for all the pain, loss, tragedy and disgrace he has brought humanity.

Women warriors killing Daesh. The IS's worst nightmare.

Women warriors killing Daesh. The IS’s worst nightmare.

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