Release Ahed Tamimi from Captivity

I was held a prisoner against my will at the young age of 9. That was in Cambodia. I escaped when I was 13. It was not bloodless. I am no stranger to the persecution and abuse of women and children. I was in Mosul Iraq under both Iraqi and Islamic State occupation from 2013 to 2017. Being a women in the Middle East is at times no picnic.

I am now drawn to action in the case of the persecution of child Ahed Tamimi and her family by two countries from which I expected much better. Free her.

The United States under the sociopath Donald Trump has declared that it recognizes all of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and will be moving the US embassy to that city. The entire United Nations General Assembly voted to oppose that and asked the US to rescind the statement.

Hence Donald Trump has joined Benjamin Netanyahu  in the reprisal campaign against women and children in the occupied West Bank.

Somehow familiarity bred so much contempt that Israel thinks it is above the international law. No. It is not. Israel has gone too far.

In the Turmoil of peaceful demonstrations that followed this destabilizing effort, Israel, according to The RINJ Foundation Women  claims to have learned about a silent Israeli edict which has been issued to Israeli Occupation Forces in the Israeli occupied Palestinian settlements of the West Bank to conduct reprisals on women and children for the ongoing demonstrations against Donald Trump’s announcement that the US is declaring Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel and moving its embassy there.

The RINJ Foundation Women put it nicely

“Friends of Israel must warn the State that it has gone too far in targeting women and children for abuse. Recent events have turned this situation volatile and persecuting children is far beyond what is acceptable conduct.”

Read the many reports starting here.



Let it be simply said now that women will no longer tolerate the violent oppression of sisters and their children around the world. Humanitarian action can also have teeth.



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