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Why do people like the US President in 2018 not feel that women are equal to men and that it is necessary to marginalize women.

It is worse than that. In Myanmar since late 2017 the army has been raping the Rohingya women and children. Over 100,000 survivors fled across the border into Bangladesh. SOme 80,000 are pregnant as a result of their rapes.

In Shingal, Iraq, where are the women and children? The Islamic State took them and pushed them into the human sex slavery trade. Others they killed. Some escaped and exist today in a traumatized state.

Feminism, some women say, is the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.

I believe that feminism is about the right to vote, go to the bathroom, eat normal food, be treated with respect, drive a car, ride a bicycle, breathe…

When I was a young girl I was sold into sex slavery. The year I escaped in Cambodia from a crime group comprised of the former Khmer Rouge, my Chinese mother was nowhere to be found. My Japanese father I found in Chiba Prefecture (Japan)  when I was 13 after hiding under a boat deck tarpaulin for a week before sailing to Japan thanks to my friend Phang who was a cabin boy crewing on that ship. Arriving at my father’s rich home was a big disappointment. He called me a whore and threw me away.

No matter the words men say, there is a universal opinion that has them all behave pretty much the same way.

I guess I am a feminist now. I work as a soldier in a private army-a security business. I don’t go around  advocating women’s rights. I demand my rights, don’t you?

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Viewing Earth from a feminine perspective.

Viewing Earth from a feminine perspective.

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