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Iranian with gun in Syria is a war criminal.

Iran has been accused by the feminist-style Civil Society group The RINJ Foundation of committing a war crime of Aggression, or more specifically the crime of Aggression in the context of the International Criminal Court’s Rome Statute.   In an article … Continue reading

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The Feminine Perspective News Magazine

Why do people like the US President in 2018 not feel that women are equal to men and that it is necessary to marginalize women. It is worse than that. In Myanmar since late 2017 the army has been raping … Continue reading

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Release Ahed Tamimi from Captivity

I was held a prisoner against my will at the young age of 9. That was in Cambodia. I escaped when I was 13. It was not bloodless. I am no stranger to the persecution and abuse of women and … Continue reading

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I think I might like the Jungles Of Africa

  The RINJ Foundation is going to Africa and Will Need Security for its people. That’s where I come in. If you are a Nurse or a Patient at an RSAC, I with my team keep you safe. The ReaperTeam … Continue reading

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Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is Dead

Your caliph was assassinated by a women. The irony is that Baghdadi had no function at all and was no more than the equivalent of a Bollywood movie technical-advisor giving the Ba’athists who run IS in the “Cabinet” some key tips to … Continue reading

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Combat Team Member- The MUR

  by Sonya Yoshiki, a volunteer activist against rape, especially in Asian nations. Since 2012 I have been traveling back and forth between Syria and Iraq for the RINJ RSAC. (More info.) My job was security and logistics. Mostly I have been … Continue reading

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Misogyny in America: It Really is Everywhere

Originally posted on Elephant Ocean:
Following the recent mass shooting in Isla Vista, California, in which a misogynistic shit-weasel killed seven people and wounded thirteen others all because women refused to to have sex with him, the Twitter hastag #yesallwomen…

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