In NYC Cops Rape The Women They Should Protect & Stupid Judges Like Mario F. Mattei Sets Them Free.



by Sonya Yoshiki, a volunteer activist against rape, especially in Asian nations.


(If you have a sexual assault emergency go immediately to: Rape Emergency Information)

Yoshiki of RINJ Foundation

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I am wondering if men should be allowed to be cops.
Do you remember since last August,
I with my fellow RINJ Foundation reporters made  many reports  regarding Michael Pena, a New York City cop who was off-duty and encountered a woman during the early morning hours on a street in Inwood. He grabbed her at gunpoint and dragged her to a courtyard, where he raped her while threatening to kill her.

Police arrived after a concerned neighbour called 911. Pena was arrested at the scene.

In March, we reported Pena convicted of three counts of a criminal sex act and three counts of a predatory sexual assault. He was sentenced to 75 years in prison.

Now another cop last Tuesday, July 31 raped a young woman at gunpoint. He used a gun and a knife in a car to rape an ex-girlfriend who had refused sex to him.

Guess what? The Judge set him free yesterday, Thursday August 2, just three days later, on a cheap bail bond.

So for a crime that got that scumbag rapist Pena a 75-Year Prison sentence, Arthur Roldan a 78th precinct cop in Park Slope, Brooklyn, who raped on Tuesday, is free on Thursday thanks to Judge Mario F. Mattei.

In NYC Cops Rape The Women They Should Protect & Stupid Judges Like Mario F. Mattei Sets Them Free.

Judge Mario F. Mattei needs to immediately get Arthur Roldan put in jail before he kills that girl and/or rapes another.

This Arthur Roldan creep I suspect, will kill that girl he raped!!!!! He did not give a hoot about raping

Arthur Roland, Cop and Accused Rapist – Rapes on Tuesday and Walks the Street by Thursday Set free on a cheap bond August 2 by Judge Mario F. Mattei.

her at gunpoint and brandishing a knife at her to get sex and now he will end this witness life because he knows the Judge Mario F. Mattei is on his side.

Well guess what? If he doesn’t kill her it will be cuz she is so terrified her family hid her from the world, trembling, scared, agonized, terrorized, ruined, knowing that the horror she went through Tuesday could happen again by the same person who will likely kill her this next time. I am sure she would think that. I would.

I hope God damns the soul of Judge Mario F. Mattei to one more decade of hell for every minute of suffering he adds to the raped woman’s life.

On Tuesday, the last day of July, the accused Roldan pointed a weapon at the terrified victim’s head and held a knife to her face while raping in a dark parking lot as she screamed for help.

Arthur Roldan “struck the defendant in the face with a closed first,” according to court documents.

Roldan, who is 28 and who has been paid for 6 years to be a cop, was also charged with punching his former girlfriend in the face while he is shoving his dick into this unwilling rape victim. Where is the mitigating factor of this crime, Judge Mattei? Where?

He’s a cop you say, Judge, so he should go free? That he is a cop is even more fucking reason he should not be doing this horrific crime in New York Fucking City he is supposed to serve and protect.

Dear Judge Mario F. Mattei: this accused person’s own peers said he raped that girl at gunpoint and you say well, he’s a cop so he likely is OK to set free? No! What he is accused of is despicable. Now you are a party to the next crime he will commit which is likely going to be him ending the witness life. Trust me on this, if I, a perfect stranger think that she is in risk from this thug you call a cop, she is  fearing for her life every God dam second. Imagine yourself at gun point with a knife in your throat and his dick ramming up you. And then some ass Judge lets that person go free to walk your street and hunt you down?  What is the problem with your chair? Too high to see real people anymore? I am talking to you, Judge Mario F. Mattei! What the hell are you doing letting this dangerous rapist walk free?

How dare you endanger this rape victim like this?

How dare you set this example to say Rape by a Cop is OK! THINK HARD, DUMMY! You said the crime is horrible so he can go free.  COP ACCUSED OF SUCH THINGS BY HIS FELLOW COP AND PROSECUTOR IS THE MOST DANGEROUS THREAT TO NEW YORK CITY

Forget about be afraid of terrorist. If you are woman, be afriad of the people who are paid to protect! Stupid Stupid Stupid! SICK!

  • Did you think for a second about the victim or her friends and family?
  • Did you not realize that a cop who rapes is worse than any other person who rapes?
  • Did you not think about what this does to law and order when everyone now thinks cops who rape using their guns can just walk free?
  • Did you think about the victim’s life that IS NOW RUINED?
  • Did you not think ever that 51% of America’s population might just be saying enough is enough of your patriarchal claptrap?

Step down from the bench now. Resign, oh great patriarch Judge Mario F. Mattei.

Meanwhile, this cannot stand. I am so sick of this patriarchal shit that I am prepared to lead the charge in favour of safety for women and harsh justice for rapists. And for cops who rape their constituents…. hang the bastards high! Well. At least put them in fucking jail you morons!!!!

AND THIS MORONIC JUDGE Mario F. Mattei sets the dangerous offender free!
This cannot stand.

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