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by Sonya Yoshiki, a volunteer activist against rape, especially in Asian nations.

Since 2012 I have been traveling back and forth between Syria and Iraq for the RINJ RSAC. (More info.)

My job was security and logistics. Mostly I have been moving meds and people to the various clinics and refugee camps.

Many of the people are raw nurses trained in Mosul from the Mosul Medical College of Mosul University. I tell you, I love that school. The girls are a bit weird though. So many different cultures that don’t see eye-to-eye with others completely. It’s not bigotry it’s obsessive focus on their own thing, probably after years of their people having to defend who they are. Some of the Yazidis and the Christians are so beautiful and strong in their determination not to be driven from this their land. But they are so naïve about the world with such limited experience. In a few months if they survive on the program and want to continue working for the RSAC they look older by years and smarter by centuries. Amazing people.

They get training at the RSAC-M3 which is awesome and they think they know it all and can travel to any Refugee Camp and be of immediate help. OMG sweet nurses but the green ones will drive you to consternation if your job is to keep them alive.
My last big trip was at the end of January 2015. For 8 months, despite the occupation of Mosul by the “Islamic State” (I say “Daesh”) I could move in and out of Mosul easily. We were smuggling hundreds of people at a time but the Daesh were getting furious. But after that the Daesh shut me in Mosul pretty much. It’s very hard to get in and out, I must admit. But I know what I am doing and I get it done.

We had an operation where we moved 472 people out the NW in March and the reprisals cost us two nurses, one killed and one kidnapped.

I have a huge price on my head. The Daesh hate me. 

Women warriors killing Daesh. The IS's worst nightmare.

Women warriors killing Daesh. The IS’s worst nightmare.

The 23 security guys I work with are pretty awesome. (Some are also quite pretty.) There is one chick who is a nurse who is our boss from the protectorate side. She tells us what she needs and I get it delivered. Big girl. Very strong. Very tall and muscular. None of the guys want to get in her way. We have a trade off with the security guys so my role with  them is as much liaison as it is authority. They give me back-talk but not her lol. They take on their own missions for a purpose outside of MUR and RINJ-RSAC which is how we pay their salaries. No explanation is going to be offered you but at least you get an idea of the relationships. I can never let a mean word come from my mouth. Everyone I work with I love and respect. We are bonded. Period.

One day the Daesh went too far. Their own chaos and out of control foreign fighters brought us hardship. We were on our way back from handing off 123 families to the Peshmerga outside Mosul up north when we decided to go back to one of our old clinics to salvage somemeds. The news was bad. The background is that the Daesh had forced us out when some losers with chain guns (Chechans) set up camp in a building near ours. We had to shut down. Losing contact with their caregivers 6 teens suicided in the two months they were not getting therapy. I sucked up the tears and turned it to rage.

This is not going to happen.

This is not going to happen.

We had been scouting another building and so we made plans to grab it. We have teams in the area that kill any Daesh that come within a block.  If we dirty up our block we pull the bodies into one locate and light the place from a nearby rooftop after calling in an airstrike. Blaming the corpses on coalition fighter planes takes the heat off us and brings the Daesh down harder on the foreign fighter jerks who keep stealing and looting houses anyway.

We went door to door in the following weeks to find our protected people in their Christian, Yazidi and Jewish communities nearby M1 and get them back. We set up classrooms for the little kids. I watched Sunni and Kurdish nurses with tears dripping in their eyes unfolding cots and bedding, receiving bags of food and books from the grateful ladies coming through the basement access; the back doors; the front…. RSAC-M1 was reborn. I started to feel whole again, but enraged.

We had really screwed up by letting the Islamic State force our downsize. The people there we cared for could not find their way to our nearest clinic/community center and were suffering. I felt it was my fault. I am security.


I watched the security men angrily smash away broken timbers in the alleyway to clear a path to the back door; moving rubble so the ladies’ garments would not snag the debris. Knuckles were bleeding and tempers were covering the lumps in their throats. The women walked by offering food and drink to the security guys-come-construction workers. They all had wet eyes.

We run training programs for the girls and women. “Don’t line up to be raped,” we would tell them. “Kick, bite, scratch,fight, get clear and RUN!” We need to follow our own advice.

You will be raped and eventually killed or worse if you are 8 years old or older and they stop you on the street or on a checkpoint you get stopped.

RSAC-M1’s demise could have been prevented if we only had good intel on the huge influx of foreign fighters that poured in after whichever stupid American announced that in April they would invade Mosul. The Daesh took that seriously. The foreign fighter THUGS came pouring in. Even the Daesh have killed them, maybe as many as we have killed. They are revolting murdering, raping, thieving, looting dirty filth.

We are not going to let this happen.

We are not going to let this happen.

The blowback is now large and it is on the Daesh. Something was bound to happen where people in our authority chain lost their diplomacy front and went POOOleeece on these mofos. Finally.

FFind me at this FB Group: The group is the public interface of the Mosul Underground Resistance

Find me at this FB Group:
The group is the public interface of the Mosul Underground Resistance

I worked with a team to grab back that nurse from al Raqqah.

We are still not talking extensively about that. There is another chapter on that shit to be written. What they did to here is not going to stand. If you are not Daesh and are in al Raqqah, get out. Only warning.

When I was working in Cambodia my job was sniper (among other things I don’t want to talk about) using the worst piece of junk rifle you could imagine. It wasn’t better than a plumbing pipe with a firing mechanism.

When I was in Israel years later hanging out with some IDF friends (who I still hang out with in Mosul hah hah) I came into contact with some swell firearms. My world changed.

After being a killer shot with a Cambodian plumber’s pipe, with a good weapon, I can take the hair off a bug’s ear from 900 meters.10152453_611013512331468_8181566246411753988_n

There is some amazing equipment available but the following is how I define my tool.

  • Muzzle Brake, Jump compensator & Flash suppressor. These additions will, when firing, reduce recoil and movement by 30%, thus enabling the sniper to observe HER target through the telescope and allow an immediate firing of an extra round if necessary. (I always have my next shot rehearsed and ready in my head. Before I take my first shot I have already drilled through 1st, 2nd, and 3rd).
  • The magazine capacity of 25 rds. facilitates continuous firing without the need to reload so my theory above works perfectly.
  • Telescope X10 and the reliable scope mount, maintains excellent zeroing even after disassembly and reassemble of the telescope. I mean I don’t come down off the roof very often but I am forever changing my place and even hopping from roof to roof. You can see how important theteardown is.
  • The Nimrod telescope is Mil Standard but I have some mods I like.
  • Folded stock, along with 25 round magazine, enables the rifle to be used as an assault rifle during urban warfare which is something I prefer to avoid mainly because my helmet is so heavy I can hardly walk with it. When I have to I am on the ground with my guys–I like to jump sometimes.
  • Adjustable (up/down) cheek rest is important because my head and neck get so tired from the heavy helmet.
  • Ergonomic pistol grip and an adjustable hand support is also important because the hours that I am in one position will give me carpal tunnel syndrome if I am not comfortable .
  • 100% interchangeable parts means that I don’t have to fart around with non-standard, non-inter-operable, non-common shite.
  • Two stage type trigger design, which contribute to the reduction of sniper firing errors.
  • Silencer can be mounted on the Muzzel Brake / Jump compensator. After mounting the silencer and zeroing the weapon, disassembly and reassembly of the silencer do not have any effect on zeroing which I explained earlier is important for position changes.
  • Backup sights include tritium for night combat which nowadays is almost 50%.

I love my Barrett and I love my IWI Gailil Sniper Sa. So I use both in pre-positioned spots on my fave roof. And I protect my people from overhead, every day I am alive.

Caliber 7.62x51mm
Weight 5.7 Kg
Overall length 1100 mm
Barrel length 584 mm (23″)

10387249_611230585643094_3131983190262473769_n 10603281_611013455664807_1818909466457225338_n

If you want to chat with me sometimes I use a freedom-sat Wafanet satellite dish and connect maybe once a week to this Facebook Group known as MUR – Mosul, Iraq
The Mosul Underground Resistance. (More info.)
The group is the public interface of the Mosul Underground Resistance

I live in Mosul now. Join me at least on Facebook in this group.


In Mosul the Islamic State has declared on Good Friday 2015 that they have rid the city of all Christians. The truth is that from the community outreach programme the RRSACs and the MUR hide many.

The MUR began on Easter Sunday to punish enemy war criminals by taking the lives of  Daesh fighters who murdered dozens of Christians by stoning them to death with large rocks. Rage has turned to resolve.  Death to the devil.


Those people who are assisting the Islamic State in any way will be summarily imprisoned for treason and a trial will be held when hostilities end.  In the alternative and upon resistance to arrest they will be summarily put to death.


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Kill Me Baby — Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi — Daesh

by Sonya Yoshiki, a volunteer activist against rape, especially in Asian nations.

January 26, 2015 — Langley, VA – Specialist code breakers at USA’s Spook Central have uncovered what might be the complex psychological explanation behind the recent and sudden docility of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the Islamic State Caliph. The following messages were intercepted between two cosplayer women (or the actual characters).

In recent past, Daesh fighters in Kobani, Syria have been urged to drop their weapons and take up gardening, or running for their lives.

Intercepted by the CIA:

“The person in this picture we did the gender change to is Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi who is the leader of a gang that pretends to be Islamic State (really they are Daesh) and responsible for the Gender-based Violence going on against the Yazidi, Christian and Muslim people in Syria and Iraq as well as Nigeria and other places.

“Kill me baby” is the anime we use to ridicule Daesh. They are so cruel to women so we brought that into the picture. Maybe if Daesh had a female leader, they would change their activities to something more useful, like gardening or in some way nurturing Earth instead of destroying it.

“Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is a long time al Qaeda criminal and has a price on his head of over $10 million dollars. He and his other daesh gang members called the RINJ Foundation Women “MINJ”es so we setup the “RINJ Minjury Department”. Why not? If he can pretend to be Islam then we can pretend to be surgical assassins and turn him into a woman and now he can see what it is like to be among his people as a woman.

“Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, a female in his own  brutal world. Maybe if more Middle Easterners put themselves into a woman’s shoes, they wouldn’t treat them so badly.”


-- Langley, VA - Specialist code breakers at USA's Spook Central have uncovered what might be the complex psychological reason behind Islamic State Caliph's recent docility.

— Langley, VA – Specialist code breakers at USA’s Spook Central have uncovered what might be the complex psychological reason behind Islamic State Caliph’s recent docility.

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Misogyny in America: It Really is Everywhere

Uh huh!! shit-weasel is right!

Elephant Ocean

Following the recent mass shooting in Isla Vista, California, in which a misogynistic shit-weasel killed seven people and wounded thirteen others all because women refused to to have sex with him, the Twitter hastag #yesallwomen went viral. It not only blew up on Twitter, but soon found its way to Facebook and was being discussed everywhere, from CNN to the Huffington Post to While many people responded to the shooting, and to #yesallwomen, by rallying behind the victims and openly discussing the realities of everyday misogyny, many others have attempted to undermine the prevalence of misogyny in our culture by arguing that not all men hate women or that women in this country have made many strides or, in some rare but truly disturbing instances, to not only defend and applaud the women hating diatribe left behind by the shooter, Elliot Rodger, but laud him as an American…

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RINJ: Anti Rape Campaign

RINJ: Anti Rape Campaign.


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The RINJ Foundation’s Poster Gallery

The RINJ Foundation’s Poster Gallery.

(If you have a sexual assault emergency go immediately to: Rape Emergency Information)

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Christmas In Toronto – by Ruffian Angel

Christmas In Toronto – by Ruffian Angel.

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Christmas In Toronto

Christmas In Toronto.

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