Misogyny in America: It Really is Everywhere

Uh huh!! shit-weasel is right!

Elephant Ocean

Following the recent mass shooting in Isla Vista, California, in which a misogynistic shit-weasel killed seven people and wounded thirteen others all because women refused to to have sex with him, the Twitter hastag #yesallwomen went viral. It not only blew up on Twitter, but soon found its way to Facebook and was being discussed everywhere, from CNN to the Huffington Post to Salon.com. While many people responded to the shooting, and to #yesallwomen, by rallying behind the victims and openly discussing the realities of everyday misogyny, many others have attempted to undermine the prevalence of misogyny in our culture by arguing that not all men hate women or that women in this country have made many strides or, in some rare but truly disturbing instances, to not only defend and applaud the women hating diatribe left behind by the shooter, Elliot Rodger, but laud him as an American…

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RINJ: Anti Rape Campaign

RINJ: Anti Rape Campaign.


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The RINJ Foundation’s Poster Gallery

The RINJ Foundation’s Poster Gallery.

(If you have a sexual assault emergency go immediately to: Rape Emergency Information)

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Christmas In Toronto – by Ruffian Angel

Christmas In Toronto – by Ruffian Angel.

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Christmas In Toronto

Christmas In Toronto.

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Christmas In Toronto – We were there that day.

Published on 12 Nov 2013
A philosophical message of love for each day of the 30 days before Christmas, photographed, produced and narrated by Ruffian Angel.

Photography of some of Toronto’s most impressive Christmas displays and art you may otherwise never get out to see. See the Facebook Page:


We Were There That Day

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Canada Has A Rape Culture


You have a problem, Canada. Get angry, somebody! Do something! Write your MP! Don’t let this lie down. Yes, tell them about another ‘gang rape’ that caused another precious girl’s suicide after a photo of the incident went viral online and nobody did a thing to help. Yes they bullied her with a photo that shows a rapist smiling as he is sexing Rehtaeh while she drunkenly vomits out of a window. Police investigated but did not press charges because among the 78% male police officers in Canada this kind of behaviour was was many of theirs when they were boys. Yes, Canada, your police don’t arrest and your courts do not punish rapists.  Yes, Canada, you have a problem. Yes, Canada has a Rape Culture.

The RINJ Foundation

(If you have a sexual assault emergency go immediately to: Rape Emergency Information)

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