The Mosul Underground Resistance



by Sonya Yoshiki, a volunteer activist against rape, especially in Asian nations.


Read about Combat Team Member of The MUR

Join the Facebook Group known as MUR – Mosul, Iraq
The Mosul Underground Resistance. (More info.)
The group is the public interface of the Mosul Underground Resistance

I live in Mosul now. Join me at least on Facebook in this group.


The most horrible genocide ever against Christians in their homeland of the Mesopotamian plains has been done by the Islamic Syate. In Mosul the Islamic State has declared on Good Friday 2015 that they have rid the city of all Christians.

The MUR hide many.

The MUR began on Easter Sunday to extract a punishment that is swift and sure by taking the lives of six Daesh fighters who murdered dozens of Christians by stoning them to death with large rocks. Rage has turned to resolve.  Death to the devil.11065871_1151934391504813_3587103124092135675_n

In Tikrit another Islamic fundamental group has begun to murder Christians and Sunnis civilians in cold blood.

They will be avenged. The MUR seeks to prevent that in Mosul, Iraq.


Those people who are assisting the Islamic State in any way will be summarily imprisoned for treason and a trial will be held when hostilities end.  In the alternative and upon resistance to arrest they will be summarily put to death.


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